Special Events

There are currently no Special Events scheduled. Take a look below at some of our monthly workshops though!


Beyond Monogamy

Have you and your partner ever fantasized about adding another person or couple into your erotic play? You two are committed to each other, and want to add sexual variety in an ethical yet playful way?

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50 Shades of Curiosity: BDSM 101

Has 50 Shades of Grey ignited something inside you that you didn’t know was there? You are curious about the Benwa-Balls and floggers, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you want to create your own “red room of pain” but actually don’t want the pain itself?

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Amazing World of Female Orgasm

Female form is incredible, and her vulva and vagina are no exception. No two are alike, and all are beautiful and oh so mysterious to even the owners!! In this workshop, you will learn all about vulva and vagina: anatomy, physiology, how to pleasure them, etc.

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All About Anal Sex

Anal Sex. You have seen it on porn, you have heard your friends do it, and maybe you have even tried it. Whether you are a newbie or you want to improve on your anal sex pleasure, this class will be fantastic for you.

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Blow Him Away!

Ladies!! You want to know the secrets of those women that guys get addicted to? Not sure about male anatomy, sexual response cycle, and their turn-on? Or, do you just want to enhance your techniques?? In this workshop, you will learn all that and more!

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San Diego Rope Enthusiasts

San Diego Rope Enthusiasts is a peer-based group which was born in the North County and created with San Diego locals in mind. As a group of peers, our members come together to share tips, pointers, and different methods, and we learn from each other in friendly, casual environments.

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Club X

Club X, Inc. is San Diego’s largest pansexual leather/ BDSM fetish group. Our primary goal is that of education with secondary goals of activism and social activities. We hold monthly meetings to this end.

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