50 Shades of Curiosity – By Dr. Sayaka

Has 50 Shades of Grey ignited something inside you that you didn’t know was there? You are curious about the Ben Wa Balls and floggers, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you want to create your own “red room of pain” but actually don’t want the pain itself?

What’s a butt plug? Nipple clamp? Riding clops, canes, and floggers… What’s right for you and how do you use them safely?

And of course, this workshop is not just about the props. You’ll learn all the basic BDSM terminology, about the psychology of dominance and submission, why people are into it, and how to keep it safe, sane and consensual. Of course, there will be resources for further learning and how to meet the people in the community.

Please bring a rope, long scarf and/or tie. Yep, you will learn some easy bondage technique you can use immediately. It’s a fun and safe class geared toward newbies, so don’t be afraid! Come alone, come as a couple, come with friends! Let’s kink it up and have fun!

This class is open to both genders and all gender coupling or grouping combinations.

Who: Men & Women
Cost: $50 per person at the door, or $40 per person, $70 per couple if you pre-pay.
When: TBA
Where: The Deja Vu Love Boutique in Vista CA

Space is limited so sign up early to guarantee your spot. To register & pay, please go to: www.drsayaka.com or call Dr. Sayaka at 858-337-0046