Beyond Monogamy – By Dr. Sayaka

Have you and your partner ever fantasized about adding another person or couple into your erotic play? You two are committed to each other, and want to add sexual variety in an ethical yet playful way? How do people go about meeting other potential partners? What about privacy? What are the rules, what are different kinds of non-monogamy, and what’s right for you? What about STI’s? Aren’t we too old (young, whatever) for this?

It’s only natural to want to spice up our sex life and want to experiment with other people. In this workshop, you and your partner will learn all about Do’s and Don’ts of happy non-monogamous relationships. You may already have experimented a bit, or you may be high school sweethearts who have never had another partner. Maybe both of you are ready to jump in, or one of you are not ready. Wherever you are in the equation, you will get the tools to make the right decision for you, and to make your journey as much fun as it can be!

So, come join us and bunch of other curious couples for the evening of non-threatening, mind-opening education. You will get all your questions answered, meet new friends, and shop for lingerie and toys at 15% off. Now, that’s a great evening, if you ask me!

Who: Couples Only
Cost: $40 per couple
When: TBA
Where: The Deja Vu Love Boutique in Vista CA

Space is limited so sign up early to guarantee your spot. To register & pay, please go to: or call Dr. Sayaka at 858-337-0046