San Diego Rope Enthusiasts General Description

Most simply put, San Diego Rope Enthusiasts is a community resource which is available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of the opportunities we offer. Most notably, SDRE is:
* committed to safety, safety education, and a focused, intellectual approach to Kinbaku.
* dedicated to fostering positive, respectful growth in our members, consistently providing a practice space for serious students and beginners alike, and avidly seeking out presenters for our workshops who are authorities in their styles.

In order to provide the best service to our community, we don’t get caught up in popularity contests, petty gossip, or toxic attitudes. If someone happens to find that SDRE is not for them, there are two other rope groups in San Diego to take advantage of. Variety is a luxury which has not always existed in the SD community.

Founded in 2010, San Diego Rope Enthusiasts began as a small North County rope group, created intentionally as a “peer-based” group (as opposed to, for example, a group led by a single instructor or personality) as a means of better serving the community. We began hosting small rope practices at private residences until we gained enough support and momentum to expand, take advantage of local venues, and operate in the larger San Diego area. We soon became known for offering a space for our members to come together, share tips, pointers, different methods, and learn from each other in a safe, friendly, and casual environment.

SDRE is, and always has been, an all-inclusive group, and even though we are decidedly now more dedicated to the study of Kinbaku as a style and philosophy, SDRE still welcomes both the serious, more focused, intellectual student as well as those who might be new to rope bondage but are genuinely interested in learning and perfecting its varied art and beauty. Regardless of your orientation, identification, style and choice of rope, if you love tying or being tied and want to meet some fellow, local rope enthusiasts…we welcome you to SDRE!

Online Group Rules:
* Please keep your posts and comments respectful, friendly, positive and helpful. No Debby Downers or Billy Buzz-Kills allowed. We’re here to learn from and support one aother on our varied rope-journeys.
Event Rules:
* Please read our SDRE Event Etiquette & Behavior Guidelines document.

Deja Vu Practice


Come on out and join us for the “1st Thursday” San Diego Rope Enthusiasts’ Rope Practice & Social at Deja Vu Love Boutique in Vista.


This is simply a time and place where rope enthusiasts of varying styles and skill levels come together to take advantage of a space free of pretension and gossip, to practice what they know, to share tips, pointers, and different styles of tying, or even just to hang out and get a feel for the locals and local rope culture. Either way, it’s always fun to be in the company of other rope enthusiasts. These events are casual and social in nature yet still a great place to focus on furthering your skills.

Cost: This event is free! Donations for refreshments are always welcome.
When: 1st Thursday of every month from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.
Where: Deja Vu Love Boutique – 2130 Industrial Court, Vista, CA 92081
Dress Code: Bondage-friendly clothing is suggested (i.e. fitted clothing, bras without underwires). Toplessness is allowed at this particular event, but only if your nipples are covered with tape or pasties, and you must at least be wearing g-string undies. Pasties are available for purchase as well.

* It’s very helpful if you bring your own rope and someone to tie, or to be tied-up by, but it’s not mandatory by any means. Singles are always welcome, as are those who might not have rope yet and are just looking to explore their interest. And, we try to have jute, hemp, and synthetic rope for sale at most events. Please contact if you have any interest in purchasing rope or have any questions about SDRE in general.

* Last but not least, check your ego at the door. These events are fun and social, yet they are educational in nature. We do not condone gossip or speaking ill of other groups or kinksters. Please be considerate of others, and please see SDRE Event Etiquette & Behavior Guidelines for more information.