It seems that once anyone starts having problems in the bedroom that that really becomes a focal point of stress. This is especially true of men. Not picking on the guys it’s just that, well I get that it is very much tied into your “manliness”. Not only that but honestly if a woman has issues performing, we can fake it with a little lube and still be functional.
Not so much with the guys. If the General can’t get at attention then you’re kind of stalled there.

This is a common problem and nearly 30 million American men have some type of erectile dysfunction. This covers everything from not being able to sustain an erection to not being able to achieve one. I am going to say this as plainly as possible – Guys if this is a frequent occurrence please go see your doctor BEFORE you try to find a solution using any of the things I am about to suggest.
If the issues are infrequent and you can relate them to stress, overwork or non a medical issue then consider trying a few of the things I am going to suggest but please do your own research first as well.

Okay there is my CYA and it’s not just that. Frankly I care very much about the people who are interested in following my blog and I want you to have amazingly intimate, passionate and wild hot sex lives…but not the cost of putting yourself at unnecessary risk. So exercise caution before you jump into using some of these items and methods to sport a rock hard willy. First off, let’s talk about…


Pills for sexual enhancement, libido, increased ejaculation, stamina and the other claims companies make, are just that – claims! Everyone’s body chemicals are different. What works for one person will not work for another. This leads to trial and error to see what will work best for you and your body.

Most pills have what’s called “proprietary blends” as their main ingredients. This is just a very fancy way of saying “Hey we took herbs, minerals, vitamins and/or amino acids in some combination and mixed them together”. In some cases that is not all they have added. Some enhancement pills, that come from other countries, are worth a little investigation before you use them.

The top most used ingredients:

Herbs Amino Acids Other
Yohimbe L-arginine Niacin
Ginseng Taurine B Vitamins
Horny Goat Weed

Each of these herbs, amino acids and vitamins interact with the body differently and all have been shown in some studies to aid in erectile, stamina, mood, circulation, anxiety (and various other sexual related issues) in some way. Whether they will work for you will depend on your specific body chemicals. What works great for your best friend, might have no effect on you at all. This is where experimentation comes in; you may have to try a few before you hit on one that really works for you.
The top ones recommended to me by the guys are:

XZen Gold/Platinum
Stiff Ones
Black Ants
Sex Voltz (only one that says on the package “Can be taken with moderate alcohol”)

One thing to note here is that every one of these pills, even though they are mostly classified as “natural” can and do sometimes have side effects. In addition to putting a some power in your Johnny Rocket with faster recover, more stamina, increased libido, and long lasting effects, they also can cause headache, stomach upset, diarrhea, flushing and other adverse side effects.

My best recommendation is to research each pill and then try one that you think may work for your needs. And looking at other people’s reviews can be helpful also.


Penis pumps should only be used for erectile dysfunction. If you are using them to plump you up then you’re going to be disappointed. Yes they can make you appear “fuller” by drawing blood into the penis, but this won’t give you long lasting results. In a study in 2010 only 30% of the men who used a pump for 10 minutes twice a day for 12 weeks experienced a .05 centimeter increase in size.

The main effect of penis pumps is by putting the penis in a cylinder (that acts as a vacuum) blood is drawn into the penis with the pumping action. This does engorge the penis but it also puts pressure on the blood vessels in the penis. Too much pressure on the blood vessels can lead to vascular damage.

This is why you should use caution using penis pumps. If you do not have any kind of ED then try a good cock ring instead of chancing damage.
Oh and don’t use a pump as a maturbator; get a nice masturbator instead. Much safer 🙂

There are many many MANY pumps on the market. The ones I have researched are all hit and miss due to penis size (fitting issues), suction strength, and gauging the suction strength (if not equipped with a gauge). Overall most guys suggested a low cost one like Pipe Works by Pipedream to start (they have several). If you like the results and it works well for you then step up to Top Gauge by Cal Exotics which is a little pricier.

Whatever methods you use to help you with problems in the bedroom remember one thing: Give yourself a break! Everyone has periods of time where they have problems in the sack due to stress, illness, hormonal changes etc etc. It’s okay, honest! Talk about it instead of feeling like you need to hide it. Don’t be embarrassed, we all have troubles from time to time.

There are lots of places to get help and support. The very best place to start is with your partner!

Wishing you many stiff nights 🙂

Tessa Ayden